Gambling in sports

Gambling in sports
of sporting events since ancient times.

Rome the wealthy class wagered on chariot races, animal fights, and gladiator battles.

The Romans spread their penchant for gambling across the breadth of their empire, including.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries people throughout.

Europe enjoyed betting on cockfights, wrestling, and footraces.

In the eighteenth century horse racing and boxing rose to prominence as spectator sports on which the public enjoyed gambling.

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries brought a new emphasis on team sports, and Europeans began risking their wages on rugby, soccer, and cricket games.

Colonists brought their yen for gambling on sports with them.

Horse racing was a particularly popular sport among those inclined toward gambling.

Most forms of gambling, including sports gambling, became illegal in the.

United States during the nineteenth century, as laws changed to conform to the morals of the time.

Nevertheless, it remained legal to bet on horse racing, and other sports gambling continued to flourish underground.

Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, but after a couple of decades it was so tainted by organized crime and other scandals that it was the subject of government crackdowns during the 1950s.

A new, highly regulated version of sports betting returned to Nevada in 1975; centered.

Las Vegas, this segment of the gambling industry continues to thrive in the twenty-first century.
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