Manipulated fixed match prediction zero

Manipulated fixed match prediction zero

The modes are: Simulation, estimation, control, non-Dynamic 1 Steady-State (SS) 2 Steady-State (MPU) 3 Steady-State (RTO dynamic Simultaneous 4 Simultaneous (SIM) 5 Simultaneous (SIM) 6 Simultaneous (CTL).

Dynamic Sequential 7 Sequential (SQS) 8 Sequential (SIM) 9 Sequential (CTL dynamics, differential equations are specified by differentiation a variable with the dt method.

For example, velocity v is the derivative of position x:.Equation(.dt discretization is determined by the model time attribute.

For example,.time 0,1,2,3 will discretize all equations and variable at the 4 points specified.

Time or space discretization is available with Gekko, but not both.

If the model contains a partial differential equation, the discretization in the other dimensions is performed with Gekko array operations as shown in the hyperbolic and parabolic PDE Gekko examples.

Simultaneous methods use orthogonal collocation on finite elements to implicitly solve the differential and algebraic equation (DAE) system.

Non-simulation simultaneous methods (modes 5 and 6) simultaneously optimize the objective and implicitly calculate the model/constraints.

Simultaneous methods tend to perform better for problems with many degrees of freedom.

Sequential methods separate the NLP optimizer and the DAE simulator.
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