Betting finders

Betting finders
two markets.

The term is mainly applied to financial instruments but it can be also applied to betting markets.

At arbitrage betting, you are betting on both or all sides of an event in different bookmakers with a combination of bets to guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome.

While arbs can be found manually, the best and easiest way to find bets is by using arbitrage betting software.

An arbitrage betting example, below is a simple example to understand better the concept of arbitrage betting.

In a tennis match, a bookie1 is offering odds.05 for player A to win.

If we bet 50 euros and that player wins at your balance are added 102.5 euros.

A bookie2 is offering odds.05 for player B to win.

If we bet 50 euros and that player wins at our balance in bookie2 are added 102.5 euros.

In total at both bookies, we have placed 100 euros but we have won 102.5 regardless of who has won the game.

The final profit.5 euros and that is in simple terms.5 arbitrage betting opportunity.

Now imagine if you can place hundreds of such bets a month and with a higher stake.

Your earnings can be substantial.
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